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WELCOME to J. Dreyer's Excavating

J. Dreyer's Excavating proudly serving farm owners, residents, businesses and contractors in the Loudoun County, Fauquier County, Clark County and the Northern Virginia Region since 1981.





Jed Dreyer, the owner/operator of J. Dreyer's Excavating has been providing excavating services since 1981. Let his experience make your project exceptional. 

Land Clearing
Roads & Driveways

J. Dreyer provides an artistic approach to road and driveway installation that will enhance your property and improve it's value. 


Land Clearing will make your property look exactly the way you want it. Let us help you with your Land Clearing needs.

Ponds & Pond Repair

Pond construction and repair requires expertise and a visionary eye.  Jed Dreyer has an artistic eye and will assist you in determining the best pond layout for your property.  

When you are in need of deconstruction services, let the demolition experts at J. Dreyer's Excavating assist you.   We will provide complete demolition and removal.  

Site preparation, foundations and pads are the first step of any construction project. Let J.Dreyer's Excavating ensure that your site preparation is done right.

Paths & Trails

We know how to build hiking trails and paths that will allow you to get the most out of your property. Contact J. Dreyer's Excavating today to see how we can assist you in the design and installation of a path or trail. 

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